International Translations

We are proud to present to you the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda Part I -in 40 languages from around the world and back, snap! 

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

International Communications team, currently under the director of John Mwalwala, is responsible for the growing body of work you see listed here. Many hearts & heads have helped translate and archive these messages. We are grateful for everyone of them.  

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International Communications is a priority at Pyramidion.

It is impossible to reach all people, in all places, if we cannot communicate with them. To help The Illuminati(am) reach this highly ambitious goal, we are always looking to add translators to our team. It is our professional goal, to have all of the Illuminati materials translated into as many languages as possibles.

We house 29 versions of The Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda, and 11 versions of The Pendulum of Power (plus) right here on this website. We also have posted a myriad of other IAM archives on Illuminati Avenue . Additionally, audio versions of our translation work are available at iMARKRADIO.ORG

To join us in this invaluable effort, please contact John Mwalwala below, to learn more.


 Translations Team Members Past and/or Present

Allison Ryan, Andre Parish, Abigail Manazares, Gaspar Cuartero, Narjan Trujillo, Abelardo Jose, Maria Sanchez, Alex Paredes, Isman Khaled, Yamikani Chicko, Hezborn Okal, Islam Abdelrazek, Enrica Leoni, Lukoyoyo Boniphace, Kelvince Oyare, Kenneth Parit, Keerthvasan Chandraseka, Arman Candevani , Peter Jesse Bereber, Norbet Erdei, Jermond Christopher Davis, Daniel Chileshe, Bolaji MustaphA,  Fernando Bartuccio, Agoh Basil, Evar Ceako Onyeanusi, Jimmy Butoyi, MacDonald Aguh, Kelly Bush, Nicole Lions Nicky, Moussa Garba, Royer Jaars, Mukasa Tonny, Max Zamudio, Enoch Assuman, Jeffrey Tan, Henry Orellana and Only Onus. 


John Mwalwala aka Darling Dolly

Executive Liaison International Communication aka IC

John Mwalwala @johnmwalwala