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Distinguished Members List


Pyramidion membership is by invitation only. 

Our esteemed leadership members are hand picked for their exemplary service to others by our founder, the venerable Princess V~
Pyramidion members are considered distinguished Initiates of the Illuminati’s public outreach, by their peers.
They have demonstrated rarefied character, and are proven leaders in their personal and/or professional life.  
Additionally, these are the Initiates that are curating the New World Order with their fellow pioneers. 
However the most important aspect of this group is their level of loyalty.
Not just to The Illuminatiam, but to each other~


California, USA

EvangeLight & Shepherdess Royale  

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -Fall 2014
Illuminati Princess & Distinguished CM – Spring 2015

Verified Level 1.1  Initiate of the Illuminati  -Summer 2017

V penned the newly released  “Initiate of the Illuminati” -From the Perspective of History’s First Verified Level 1.1 Initiate. She owns & operates iMARK MULTiMEDiA parents iMARK Radio (Featuring the Music & Musings of the Illuminati and their Initiates) ILLUMINATI AM (A daily online news publication designed to attract free thinkers) and The Forums at Illuminati Avenue



Maria Elena Sanchez


Citizen Member & Initiate of the Illuminati -Circa March 2017

An actress, composer, singer/songwriter, poet & writer, and humanitarian -who believes that all humans have an innate goodness for peace & harmony.