Pyramidion is Progressing!

Pyramidion is proud to announce the below Initiates for their service not only to us, but to Initiates within the Public Outreach as a whole. These exemplary men and women have managed to serve and/or lead those around them, all while simultaneously striving to achieve their real life goals.

We so look forward to witnessing everything they will surely accomplish, and will do everything within our means to support them on their journey. From all of us at Pyramidion, we thank you so very much for all that you do, and truly being a cut above.

Justin Di Cristfaro

On behalf of Pyramidion

Initiates of Excellence

His Excellency Daniel (KD~) Khoga
Farmer/Entrepreneur/Youth Leader
His Excellency Ebrima Jallow
His Excellency Igboke Monday David
IndustryClean/Activist/CEO MincoFoam